I am very Disturbed Today. Most People in the world watch the news channels & may say oh that is awful and then they switch channel & forget about what they saw on the news. How many People Imagine that happening to themselves? How many People have talked to someone in the middle of a war like sitation?

Well last night, while a village was under attack I spoke to a Mother who was terrified hearing loud gun shots & All she could do was sit and try and comfort her children, waiting & not knowing if her house was next to be stormed by Riot Police, would she be beaten, sexually Assaulted by police in front of her children?

I sat for hours wondering how this must feel, how would i feel if I could not protect my son? I wonder How many of you living in peace have done this?? It seems not many as the silence from the world about bahrain is nothing short of Disgusting.

Months ago someone used the word Genocide & i thought ah thats a bit strong, but now I see it daily & nightly and I believe that these People's lives are in Real Danger.

Last night & many nights I have felt so helpless & powerless, But I Still Open my Mouth & Speak the Truth. Please if you have read this, do the same...

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