I normally stick to positivity and love and food and hanging out. But I feel this needs to be addressed.

I've been seeing some anger and distaste directed at us for the upcoming tour later this year. Here is my response on a FB post:

"Listen here everyone. Matt here... You CANNOT judge us on what tours we do. You basically have TWO options during that tours' time frame:

1. We support AA on a very diverse tour, and play a set unlike you've ever heard - and like we'd expect ( because we ALWAYS support our fans ) - you come out and support us. 

2. We sit at home. You sit and home. No one does anything - nothing fun happens. 

I'm going with a sick ass tour with Trivium's true supporters coming out and having fun with us. 

Dir en grey is amazing. AA is heavy as hell and I'm stoked on the two other bands. 

We've toured with everyone ever in the pure metal world / it's time to diversify, my friends. 

Don't like it? Then you don't actually support us. Lost respect for us? I lost it for you. 

I know who our real fans are - i'll see you out there, and we will have a damn good time."

And the people who don't like us anyway.: stop reading everything about us. I know you have a secret crush on us.

Come out to the tour and show what Trivium love is. We love our true fans and vice versa.

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