On the last day of Wol coming to the King’s quarters.

Woon saw Wol coming, he plucked up his courage and spoke to Wol.
“Are you okay?”
“Regarding what?”
Wol’s voice was too beautiful that Woon did not have any more courage to repeat what he said.
He therefore changed the subject.
“I’m talking about your health.”
“Yes, I’m fine.”
The air was still, and the 2 of them had nothing else to say to each other. He felt that this little silence from the both of them was wasting the precious time, so he started speaking again.
“Cheonha, has been looking for you.”
Woon did not say that the one who went a thousand miles to find her was him. Wol did not say anything.
“I heard that you are only staying for a month, till tomorrow?”
“Yes, tonight is the last night. I’ll be leaving in the wee hours tomorrow.”
Because of Wol’s answer, he clenched his fist. Without his consent, his eyes drifted to Wol’s face.
After tonight, he would not be able to see that face ever again.
“Where will you be off to? To the place where we met the last time?”
“No, I won’t be going back to that place, so don’t send people to find me. I will go to a place where you both won’t know.”
“Will you be okay?”
“Regarding what again?”
Woon could not help but look up to the moon. The round moon in the sky was shining brightly. The full moon will rise tomorrow, but he will never see the moon in front of him ever again.
“Yes, Sonyeo will be fine with everything.”
Looking at the moonlight by his side, woon did not dare to look to the moonlight from the moon by his side. He wishes that he can send her up to the moon, so that the moonlight can take away her sorrow.
Woon touches her shadow, with his shadow, from her hands, skipping her back, till her lips, then on to her cheeks. He wiped of the tears that could not flow from Wol’s eyes, and lastly, he hugged Wol, using his shadow… Only using his shadow.

Please credit @redpinkboxes or Jaejoongstolemyheart@soompi

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