The scene of Hwon and Wol's meeting when he opens up his eyes, in the book. (Rough translation, Part 2)

Hwon did not understand what the professor was saying. Because his mind was blank, he could not think of anything.
But slowly, Hwon started to understand. The more he understood, the more his breathing gets heavier. He uses his hands to touch his chest. The pain at the chest was hard to bear. His emotional pain was a thousand times more painful than his physical pain. Hwon, panting hard, said:"Then, this shaman will replace me.. replace me..."

Hwon could not finish his sentence. The sadness and anger that was coming from his heart... They were worried that the King would once again faint, and wanted to come closer, but because of the candles, they could not.
He grieved.
Woon was still sitting quietly in a corner, not moving at all.

Wol, with her back facing Hwon by his side, looks down on the floor.

"What are you all doing!? You cannot even prevent the murderous air from reaching me, and still use this girl here to be my shield.... And even dare to conceal this from me.... You even dare!"

He wasn't actually angry with them. He was just finding an excuse to vent the anger from his heart. He was only angry because Wol has been sitting by his side everyday throught the whole month, and he did not have any clue about it.

"This can't be prevented.. Because we did not know where your illness is coming from and what it is. Early in the morning tomorrow, the shaman will be sent out of the palace, so..."

"Sent away!? Where?"

"To somewhere where the fengshui is good, instead of being by your side. Because we've found a place with good fengshui, so we will send her there so that you won't need to see her again."

"Shut up. What exactly are you saying now!"

Because Hwon was angry, he started having headaches. To think that once this night is over, Wol will vanish from his side, and replace him taking all his bad air and illness, his headache got worse. He turns to see the frail body of Wol by his side, and was so afraid she will vanish, so he quickly hugged her back tightly.

The professors, who were outside, are oblivious to the whole situation. Hwon bit his teeth and said:"I'm still in pain! My body has not recovered at all, so you cannot send her out of the palace, you have to keep her by my side!"

"You need not worry. By protecting you at the place with good fengshui, it will still be as good."

"I SAID TO KEEP HER BY MY SIDE. Are my words not words to you?!"

"But.. But... we can't leave the shaman by your side."

"Then why you could before today? When i did not know, you can, and when i know, you cannot?!"

One of the professors by the professor (who was always answering) finally opened his mouth.

"Cheonha, i am insolent... I know i should not do this, but i would like to tell you that this girl is a shaman."

"Which Shaman house is she from? I want to remove her name from there."

The professor replies that a shaman's name cannot be removed from the registry, and you cannot hug her, please swear that you won't.

Hwon cannot take what the professors have said... Cannot hug wol.. And cannot remove her name from the registry.... So hwon decided to ignore what they have said...

"Now, everyone leave. Now!" Hwon orders..

Under the orders of the king, no one moved.

"I called you all to leave, do you not understand my words?!"

The science professor says:" Tonight will be the day the Prince will be made. It hasn't passed the time yet, so we cannot leave."

"Go down and leave. HS what are you doing? Close the door and go!"

"Cheonha, i'm sorry, even if you dismiss me, i cannot leave."

Hs shouts to everyone around:"People, open the door!"

Under his command, all the doors started to open, hwon realises that the servants and maids outside are more than normal. Everyone was against Hwon hugging Wol. Hwon was angry.

"Aren’t you all scared of losing your lives?! You think i won't get rid of your lives?"

No one listened to Hwon, and hwon could not hug Wol in front of all of them.

"Take away all the candles, the light is too bright for my eyes."

The palace maids start to get rid of the candle light, and the room was finally left with with only the moon's light. Even in that darkness, they all did not leave.

"How? Wol, what should i do? Wol, can you feel the state i am in? Will you blame me?"

"No, i do not have that kind of thoughts... but..."

"Are you in pain in place of me?"

"No, i am in no pain at all."

"Thank you, thank you for being healthy."

Hwon's bleak mood was even more than Wol's happiness. Hwon leaned on Wol's shoulders but because he was sorry, he did not hug her.

Woon on the other hand, was in pain.
He did not want to admit that his pain was because of jealousy.

Woon turned his head to not see them, but then saw his sword, the sword used to protect the king. He sees the cloud sculpture on the sword, and has a heavy feeling within him.

Please credit @redpinkboxes or Jaejoongstolemyheart@soompi

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