The scene of Hwon and Wol's meeting when he opens up his eyes, in the book. (Rough translation, Part 1)

The more Wol struggled to push him away, the more he pushed her shoulders harder.
Hwon touched her whole face, from her forehead to her nose and mouth.
He said, so you're not a ghost and i thought i was having an illusion when i saw you that day.

It was very dark in the room, late in the night, so he ordered the palace maids to bring him candles, but he still felt it was too dark, as it could not satisfy his thoughts of missing her all these while.
He ordered them to bring all the candles in the palace to him.
As wol tried to struggle out of his grip, the more hwon pushes her shoulders down with more strength.

"I thought our fate has ended, but i still can see the image of mine in your eyes."

Poor woon sees all these, and turns to a darker side of the room to avoid seeing what's happening.

Soon the room was filled with candles, lighting up the room. The more the room got brighter, the more wol tried to move.
As she moves her back from the floor, Hwon's arm moves more to hug her.He uses his other arm to cover her cheeks to block others from seeing her face.
Wol pushes hard to get Hwon's body away from hers, but as she does so, he leg his a candlestick.

"Don't move. Do you want the candle to fall down, and end up donating the kind of Joseon to the fire devil?"(as in making him die due to the fire)

Wol moves her head to see the position of the candle stick, however Hwon blocks her view.

As she couldn't be sure of the position of the candle, she couldn't move under that situation, because she was worried that it would cause a fire. She therefore stayed there,being hugged by Hwon for a long while, with her face on his white silk robe.

In this cold night, wol felt as if she smelled the fragrant of Chrysanthemum that felt like the sun.
Hwon, on the other hand, felt as if he smelled the fragrant of orchid, which was like the moon.

Hwon gently moves his lips to the side of her ears, where he smelt the nice fragrance of orchid. The light breeze of wind, as well as the little whisper of Hwon's entered her ears.

"I am Lee Hwon, who are you?"

Wol eyes went pass Hwon's shoulders and looked up at the ceiling, the ceiling started shaking in her eyes... Her lips started to move, as if she wanted to speak, but hesitated...
She bit her lips, and finally talked.
I am wol, I am the wol you gave a name to.

It was wol voice, the voice he heard back then, the voice he couldn't forget. As if he cannot use anymore force anymore, he uses his arms to hold her even harder.

"Yes, it’s you, from now, i will not recognize you wrongly as someone else anymore.

Hwon could feel the fast thumping of her heart, even though she looks calm on the outside, wol's heart has never beat as fast as this moment before.

"Were you shocked? Did i make you shocked? But i did not have a choice. If i did not as if i was sleeping, you would have fooled me again, so i had to bluff you, anyway, you bluffed me didn't you. If i make you stay here, will you still leave me?"

Wol moves her hand to Hwon's shoulders to actually push him away, but ends up holding it.

Hwon looks down to see Wol, the feeling of him being able to hold her again was incredible.

"Wol ah... wol ah"


"Wol, have you even once thought of me? Did you miss me?"

Wol eyes was feeled with sorrow. She did not know how to reply Hwon as only 2 months had passed.

She did not reply but said in her heart. "Days of tears, merged into a flowing river that became a sea."

Hwon continued: "No matter how much i tried to forget wol, i could not. Was it not like that for you?"

Wol could not even nod her head. She was afraid that her eyes would tell him her answer, so she avoided meeting his eyes. Once more, she could only answer in her heart. "How much ive missed you, i cannot express it, how much ive missed you, is longer than the yellow river, deeper than the ocean. How can i even express it"

"You insolent shaman. I only looked at you for a short moment, but why do i see your image every time i close or open my eyes. Why do you make me feel so exhausted? You definitely casted a spell on me, tell me, what spell did you cast?"

Wol, with her heart beating fast, takes another look at Hwon, seeing his gentle smile.

Hwon:"How about you explain to me why my heart has become like this."

Hwon hugged her tight again, with his lips at her ears again saying:"Is it because of how you smell? Because of the orchird fragrance that affected my heart from a long time ago? or is because of the moon light that comes from you, that keeps shining?"

"The moonlight is being insolent. Cheonha, your illness is too serious."

"Are you saying that i'm getting a wrong impression? Wol, please don't say it like that."

Hwon loosens his grips, because he was too happy seeing wol, he forgot all his doubts.

"But how come you are here? This is the palace, why are you here?"

Wol did not answer and lowers her head. The 3 men in charge rush over and kneels down outside the room. Because the room is filled with too many candles, they could not come close, and could only sit outside. Hwon widens his eyes and looks and wol, and then the professors. No matter how he thought, he could not understand.

"What is happening!? Someone give me an explanation."

One of the professors replied as he kneeled.

"She is a shaman."

"I know, i am asking why is she here."

"This shaman is supposed to absorb all the bad air and symptoms of illness away from you and therefore has been looking after you by your side for a month. But today is the last day already, so please do not be angry"

"What are you saying?! Absorb?!"

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