Too many Christians get worked up by the debate of young earth creationist Vs. Old earth creationism that they forgot what is the most important thing about our Christian faith. Which is the gospel of Jesus is the Christ, and that he is our Lord and savior. In other words, they build their faith on their belief that the earth is 6000 years old or billions of years old, instead of building their faith on Jesus Christ.

But if you must know if Christian believe the Big Bang theory, then the answer is that a lot of Christians think the Big Bang theory is a valid, scientifically proven model that has a lot of Christian implications, because the model predicts that the universe had a beginning.

As for Christians saying that the Big Bang theory is based on Naturalist philosophy, they are wrong! The Big Bang theory actually has a Catholic/Christian root because it was proposed by a catholic priest Monsignor Georges Lemaitre. In the past, many atheist scientists have been trying to prove that the Big Bang is wrong because they don't like the implication that the theory predicts the universe had a beginning (therefore, pointing towards a supernatural creator who started the big bang).

Christians need to open up their minds while critically analyse the new scientific discoveries, but the first priority is to put science to its rightful place, which is to know that science is a creation of God and therefore beneath God. Once you get the order right then you will find that you can open your mind to accept new scientific discoveries and come to appreciate how beautiful God's works are.

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