Whilst a few of you are asking, here's what happened tonight: I attended a demo outside a Liverpool City Council meeting, were they were deciding how to administer the cuts. We were protesting around the side of the town hall, to be as close to the meting as possible. The police then made an attempt to kettle us, so we decided to move to the front of the town hall, and cause disruption by blocking the road. Not long after, the formed a line across the road and charged towards us, attacking people near the front of the crowd. One of them managed to hit me in the face, causing a nosebleed, nothing major (i'm ok). They made several arrests(7-8 maybe? it was hard to tell during the ruckus), seemingly targeting known faces from the occupy movement. following this there was a stand off with police, and the local press and a local solicitor hassled me for details. We then had an impromptu 'march' to the occupy squat, to make sure the rest of the occupiers got home safe. We were followed along the way by Matrix officers carrying tasers. following this, we decided to head to the Unite the Union building en masse, from which we dispersed and headed home.

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