Please Hear our voice before its too late!
#Bahrain is calling you.

Watch with an open heart & open your eyes.. Save my country.. Please..

VIDEO: Are You Sure wefaq isn't a Hizbulla branch in #Bahrain ?

VIDEO: True Face of #Bahrain "peaceful" Protesters

VIDEO: #Bahrain The Molotov Movement

Watch how radical Shia roundabout protesters torture a Sunni university student

Terrorist detonation a gas cylinder bomb near the airport last night

Detonating Gas cylinder bomb near a busy highway

During the roundabout days, speaker confirms people have weapons

They also seem to hate USA

Video of Zahra.. She died. Protesters tried to say she was a protesters & was attacked by police. By they quickly ignored her death when it was found out that she was Sunni who was attacked my Shia protesters because she was related to a policeman. Rioters threw a meetal rod deep into her skull.. She died days later


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