@PeterClifford1 @kc_spencer @dooley_dooley A Child! .@luluelbahrain @angryarabiya Hussain Ali a #Bahrain political prisoner http://twitpic.com/87cfln

Hussain was so afraid when he saw the riot police on the street, he hid under a car. But they found him & pulled him out

Hussain is tiny, after beating him one of the riot police carried him on one shoulder then threw him in2 the police car

BTT Hussain was in the car, he was beaten badly, his clothes torn, & his glasses had fallen to the ground & were broken

When Hussain saw his mother, he cried, he told her "tell my frnds mothers to forgive me, they wanted my frnds names"

Hussain told his mother "The said they would rape me they said they will use electricity, they wanted my friends names"

we will never give up, will never surrender. 230 years of struggle! We have a dream will never give it up!

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