#bahrain #14feb #Lulu I'll tell you some of what happened to Detainee nasser al-jishi which via @RaytAlna9r

1- Nasser Al-Jishi was arrested on 03/17/2011, with his friend at a checkpoint near al-khamis School

2-after a while and with trouble Nasser's family got to know that he was arrested in Alkhmaas police station, and no one of his family members knows any thing about him all along the martial Law period

3-in the beginning Nasser was accused of trying to run over a police man, after that they change his charge to unauthorized gathering in public place" financial Harbor"

4-Nasser was tortured in Brutal ways , and also was taken over many police stations Al-naim ,Alqdabah, Alibda'a and roundabout 17 in each station,he was given meals of torture

5- Nasser spent a week in the Alqdabhia police station his hands were cuffed with his feet, encountering all manner of tortures, there

6-when they finished torturing nasser at the day ,they start to gives him a meal of torture at the evening and beating him brutality

8- they transferred nasser to hamad town police station he spend their 3 and a half months , and then got transferred to Alkhamis police station and finally to Dry Dock prison

9- the military court Sentenced nasser to 7 years, "then transferred him to Jaw prison

10- nasser is still facing same charges and other charges were tried on him, he has a sentencing hearing on 1/26/2012

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