Bill Downey · @billd104

13th Jan 2012 from Twitlonger

2 weeks with a Nexus S. #NexusS A #rant of #longing, #disappointment & #frustration. Since December of 2010 I have been longing to get my hands on a Samsung Nexus S smartphone. As a Samsung Galaxy S user already (Captivate SGH-I897) I was sure that the Nexus S was the ultimate evolution in the Galaxy S line. Fast forward to December of 2011, Finally... a deal on a Nexus S that seems reasonable. Grab it. Delivered. Unboxed. Battery & SIM in. Power up... Ahhh... Pure Google... wait, the capacitive buttons are all in different places than my Captivate. Keep pushing the wrong one due to muscle memory. Oh well I’ll learn. Can’t see the capacitive buttons outside or just in a moderate lighting environment either... The LED backlight is very dim... Search Google Mobile Forums... Normal. Oh well I’ll learn where the buttons are. Install apps. Wait some of my apps that run just fine on the Captivate don't want to run correctly, I thought Pure Google was supposed to be better?!?! Oh well... I can live without a couple of apps. Why is the back button flashing all of the time it seems to have a mind of it’s own. Even backs me out of apps to the home screen occasionally. Search Google forums again... Known issue... Google blames samsung... Samsung blames Google... Hardware issue, no, software issue. No resolution in sight. Hit up support on twitter... “Haven’t heard of that in awhile, I’ll pass your info along and stay tuned” Just got blown off. Oh well, I can live with some quirky behavior once in awhile.As long as it doesn't get worse. Disappointment sets in. I know that I have had this phone on to charge and it says charged but the battery only says 95%?? Oh well it must be full if the Pure Google Android OS says so, right? OK shot some video of the kids and it’s time to see it on the HDTV... What?!? No DLNA support on the Nexus S?!?! And the video isn’t even in HD like the Captivate?!?! Fast forward again to January of 2012... Gingerbread is finally released for the Captivate making it, at least to some degree, a modern smartphone once again. All of the things that the Nexus S can’t do the Captivate can. The few things that Nexus S does that the Captivate doesn't I don’t need. I didn't run into 1 RFID tag to scan using the NFC on the Nexus S and whenever the NFC is turned on I set off the “Theft Protection System” just walking in or out of the store at Target, Walmart & Eddie Bauer just to name a few. Oh well I can live with the NFC turned off... Wait why should I have to settle?!?! This is supposed to be the “Flagship” Galaxy S device. the device that all other Galaxy S devices aspire to be. Instead I find myself increasingly frustrated by this device. Visually it’s a knockout but in practice, it seems to lag behind the phones it was supposed to be ahead of. No SD card slot... What?!?! I have 32GB in my Captivate in addition to the 16GB onboard. I have come to the point in my relationship with my Nexus S that we must part ways. The back capacitive button issue seems to be getting worse with no fix in sight from either Samsung or Google. The battery issue... no resolution there either. Captivate, for all of your issues you’re back for the time being. At least until the next great thing comes along.

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