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8th Jan 2012 from Twitlonger


This girl got beat up on a school bus. The driver stopped it. They resumed. He then went for help.
What did they do?
They surrounded her. Why? Because they threw a shoe at her and she threw it back.
What does this communicate to the girl they attacked?
They denied her the right to fight back and stand up for herself. They denied her the right to live in peace, free from bully-violence. This is dominance and supremacy: they tried to make her submit---and not just one time but always. They also told her she is worthless; only good enough to be beaten like that and not good enough to be respected.

Do violent movies and TV shows incite violence in people? I think so.
Do violent words by public figures incite violence in people? I think so.
People beat up on people just to video it and upload it so it goes "viral".

There is an increasing climate of violence and today is the "anniversary" of the January 8, 2011 mass shooting in Tuscon, Arizona. PRAY and PRAY VISUALLY for world peace. See the world surrounded in healing light, all green and clean. If people can believe that anything they can conceive can be achieved, then they can believe in world peace and achieve it. So, DO IT! Tom Vitale

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