@dohanews Article in Alarab newspaper by prominent Qatari writer @Mariam_AlSaad “ Is Qatar Airways Subject to accountability? “ @BoycottQatAir‏ #Qatar

Is Qatar Airways subject to accountability by the newly announced Administrative Control and Transparency Authority?
The state owns almost half of the carrier shares , providing it with almost 95% airspace of its air traffic. Which has impact on the space available to lease to other airlines.
You want the truth, how do we defend the rights of other airlines against our flag carrier? Don’t we all strive that our national carrier gets all the attention? Of course, that’s our endeavor in normal circumstances when the carrier is a true national, not a commercial monopoly that empties the pockets of citizens , fires them and treat them as if they were pampered non-productive labor force!
We demand that transparency & administrative control of the newly formulated government body to subject Qatar airways to audit & scrutiny to supervise their resources , expenditure and disbursement aspects.
What’s the role of the advisory council & consumer protection in curbing this monopoly. Qatar airways file is about to open to the public, to see what's inside of surprises which may not please many


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