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6th Jan 2012 from Twitlonger

@KAworldwithin @ZJemptv Actually I have, a few times on twitter & on a handful of blogtv sessions last summer. Your accusation surprises me.

I'll restate: I have acknowledged that I did not know they were a "holy" org, and have since cut my ties. It was a mistake, but I don't think the support is all a waste. My experience with Love146 came from some researchers at my university who gave a presentation on their work. It was interesting, full of potential, inconclusive, & worthy of support. There was no indication in their presentation that it was anti-woman/anti-progress/anti-cause. They are genuinely trying to understand this complex issue. The whole of the money was donated to their research, and I do not think that was a mistake.

It was, however, a failure on my behalf to not have noticed the religious undertones & attitudinal ambiguities beforehand. As you have noted, while it is not immediately available, deeper digging is revealing. That said, supporting 146 was not a flippant decision. For several months I searched for a 510(c) specifically working on sex trafficking. I did my own research, asked my followers on several occasions, and consulted the nonprofit I work at. Love146 is the only 510(c) org I could find that was doing research on sex trafficking specifically. I thought I found a good one. I was wrong.

Understandably, I received discontented messages from a few viewers after the fact. They acknowledged that, ultimately, they were responsible for donating, but that they had trusted me. That's fair. I failed them. Even though it was unintentional, it was avoidable, and it is something that I regret. However, I was able to return their money to them, so I don't see the problem there.

The intent was innocent, and I think you have blown it way overboard. Regardless of the schemas you assign to me in your mind, I am simply another woman on the internet trying to use my social leverage for good. Despite my calls for leads or input on the charity for months prior, nobody, including you, said a word....until after the fact. From my limited perspective, nobody cared until there was a chance for them to be inflammatory. This has been a frequent experience of mine online, so forgive me for lumping you into that category. It seems you were pissed at my snotty tone in "atheist elitism". Fair enough...it was pretty snotty! I don't agree with my words anymore, but it's up for reflection. As I've said before, that account homes some of my more impulsive videos and are a much needed coping mechanism for my in-the-moment frustrations. The up side is that I get to reflect later and say, "damn laci....not cool" (or sometimes, something brighter).

Your complaints are legitimate, thus my more direct attempts at contact. You have a right to be upset, and I am apologizing for it. However, the accusations that I just "ignored it" are flat out false and uncalled for. It says to me that you, stranger on the internet, are, for the lack of a better term, "attention whoring". I apologized, talked with viewers who were upset, and jumped through hoops to get their money back & make the wrong right again.

In short, from what my experience & research indicate at this point, Love146 was not the most worthy cause in the book, but it has operated in a helpful manner & their research is important. I have personally apologized to those who felt mislead, who were upset at me for not digging deep enough. I did not entertain what I perceived to be merely opportunistic inflammation by people--like yourself--who clearly have "other problems" with me & saw this as a way to capitalize on my mistake. I am upset that some of Love146's stances are ambiguous & I do not like that they are conservatives. It was a poor choice on my part. While I am still happy I could support their sex trafficking research initiatives, I will research more thoroughly and--hopefully--have some more secular support helping me find a new charity this year.

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