So what am I missing here? Why can the movie biz do this but the game biz can't? If the movie biz can go to the rental co's and say 'you can't rent our movies until X days have passed' why can't game companies do the same thing? And game rentals aside, why can't the game biz go to Gamestop and Best Buy and the like and say, 'You can't sell our games used for X days'? A usual answer is, 'well, legally they can't demand that'. And perhaps that is true. But legally what's to stop REDBOX from going onto Amazon and buying a shit ton of copies of the movie and using those copies as the rental copies? And yet, they don't do it and wait for the 28 days to pass before they rent a movie from Warner Bros. Another answer as to why game companies don't follow suit is, 'well they don't wanna piss off the game retailers', but isn't that a similar risk that the movie co's seem to be willing to take in regards to movie rental cos? Yes, DVD is a somewhat secondary rev stream for movie studios but it's still enough cash to be crucial to the studio's bottom line; so one would assume they'd be hurting bad if the rental co's pushed back and said 'fuck off'...and yet the movie co's take the risk anyway. Why? And why doesn't our biz do the same? What am I missing?

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