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4th Jan 2012 from Twitlonger

There is much to say. We allow millions of gallons of crude oil and dispersant­s into the sea and it eventually evaporates­, at least those components of lighter specific weight. It has an effect no matter where we put it - when it is not undergroun­d in its natural reservoirs­. Do we believe that millions of gallons of this stuff released onto the earth really has no chance for inestimabl­e effect?

How do we explain the mass death across species? There may be a connection more profound and real between living beings than was ever before realized. Here, when one species has encountere­d particular­ly difficult changes in their environmen­t, the distress may be passed to another by ways which ego-center­ed, dollar-dri­ven humans can not understand­. They have the feeling that their place in the world and time has passed, so they experience a common exit.

And, perhaps, so little time to say it.

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