Here's a great childhood memory of my uncle...
My brothers and I were about to go with my Uncle Michael to the Sherman Oaks Galleria Mall. My uncle was preparing to put on his typical disguise. Which at that time was a wig (or baseball cap), mustache and beard.
We stopped him and asked "doesn't that bring even more attention to you.. People expect you to be in a disguise"
He said. "I have to Applehead, its the only way I can go out in the public freely.
After a couple of minutes, we were able to convinced him to just try going out without any disguises and told him "people won't even think it's you. They'll think it's a look alike".
He finally agreed to try it just this once,for us.
So we headed to the mall. No disguise.
I was so convinced our plan would work.
Needless to say, we entered the mall and lasted less than a minute before we were literally running for the car. After that day, I never again questioned my uncle's need for disguises. :-)

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