Gail Leach · @Pnthrgrlgail

30th Dec 2011 from Twitlonger

Study history , Mr. Cheadle. Change has never come through "seismic shifts". Not the end of slavery, not the end of Jim Crow. Change has come through clear and steady leadership and continuing to move forward even when others throw every blockade in your way. Our President has done that. Steady, clear-eyed leadership that never loses sight of the big picture and never gives the opposition the satisfaction of reverting to the negative stereotype of a "gangster". See while being "gangster" to you involves seeing the President of the United States behave as a thug, "gangster" for me is about seeing him go to the Republican retreat in a televised exchange where he intellectually and rhetorically handed out a beat down that has the Republicans even to this day not willing to engage him again in the same forum. "Gangster" for me is seeing the President of the United States get through the repeal of DADT, the START Treaty and the debt ceiling compromise all the while holding none of the winning cards but just through his sheer will and us. Of the bully pulpit get it done. "Gangster" for me is the President of the United States when faced with the loss of Senator Kennedy's seat to Republican Scott Brown didn't give up the fight to pass the Affordable Care Act. He fought harder, he got it passed. "Gangster" for me is seeing the President Of the United States stand before a crowd of grieving people whether it be from a gunman's mad rampage against his fellow soldiers, a crazed gunman's rampage that killed 6 people including a nine year old girl and injuring a Congresswoman, or the fury of Mother Nature and give comfort to the multitude. "Gangster" for me is the President of the United States standing in front of a roomful of reporters giving a comedy routine scorching the man that questioned his citizenship while all the while knowing he'd given the order to take out Osama bin Laden. "Gangster" for me is having a President of the United States that uses the retort" Ask Osama bin Laden" when questioned about his bona fides as a Commander in Chief. So I say to you, Mr. Cheadle, "ask Osama bin Laden" if President Barack Hussein Obama is "gangster".
PS. Hard to put people in the financial disaster in jail when what they did wasn't illegal as so eloquently explained by President Obama on 60 minutes.

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