[FAN-ACC] [111229 SBS Gayo Daejun Recording]

[cr:rainy527, tran: @xavier_x007x ]
(sidenotes are from me, not orginial source)

i'll only trans some bits, cuz most of you guys already know what happened yesterday morning.

when the E.L.F arrived at the stadium, they asked the staff where they should line up, but the staff sort of just ignored them, and gave them answers like "just wait here, will tell you later". but they never did. after all the other fans lined up, they came and made ELF line up in the end.

E.L.F were scattered around the audience, among other fans, not concentrated.

other fans were given stuff like towels, balloons, or those horns that glow and you can wear on your head. but E.L.F didnt.
(sidenote. the source didn't mention whether it was fans who gave out those stuff, or the organizers, if it's the organizers.... 凸)

before it began, SBS staff told E.L.F present that SJ will perform last, but as everyone can see, it didn't happen.

SBS gave out red, yellow, and white lightsticks.
E.L.F noticed that the white lightsticks had a slight blue tinge to it, so they kept asking for lots of white lightsticks.
it might seem childish, but all they wanted to do was to show SJ that E.L.F were there. supporting them.
almost all the E.L.F held like 3 lightsticks each, some even held 5.

during the break, only SJ came to the audience area and greeted the fans.
Shindong even used his phone and took a photo with the fans.

lots of the other artists just used the pre-recorded performance during the final thing, like they showed it on the screen, so E.L.F were really scared that it was gonna be the same for SJ too.

But SJ did perform live for us.
and E.L.F screamed their lungs out.
and to those who thought other fans helped us, wake up from your dreams.
some fans were pointing at E.L.F and just laughing.
You're only laughing because it never happened to you.
(sidenote. this was during the live performance, what other fan-accs said about fans chanting for us referred to during the pre-recording, cuz as you all know, only 10+ E.L.F were present then)

during the ending, after all the other artists left the stage, SJ was there.
they bowed to everyone of us.
Eeteuk Hyukjae Sungmin Shindong Ryeowook came over and shook our hands.
the k-elf were all shouting 결국 슈퍼주니어 The Last Man Standing!!

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