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Pg 7. Unaccepted premises; that these people knew Jesus, existence of Jesus, trial happened & crucifixion
Pg 8. Definist fallacy; Jesus affirming He is Son of God is not necessarily a claim He IS God, and God claim not shown in text.
Pg 8. Unproven assertion that lives have changed for the good, nations for the better. Statistics?
Pg. 9 Jesus lied. http://www.evilbible.com/Jesus_Lied.htm
Pg. 9 Delusion is not necessarily tied to other mental disease. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delusion
Pg. 10 Appeal to authority fallacy of ONE psychiatrist, written nearly sixty years ago. 
Pg. 10 False dichotomy; Another option is that Jesus is a fictional character.
Pg. 13 Unproven assertion 'Facts of the resurrection' 
Pg. 14 The trial is not established as fact http://debatingchristianity.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=15954
Pg. 14 Number of women attending tomb contradictory in gospels
Pg. 15 Unproven assertion that at end of 19th century, archaeological evidence supports bible (citation?)
Pg. 15 It is disingenuous to assert NT cannot be PROVEN past 80AD. There is no proof before that date either.
Pg 15. "24000 early manuscripts" Disingenuous again. Vast majority of manuscripts are dated after 10th century.
Pg 16. Even Kenyon's daughter who carried on his work didn't believe it.
Pg 16. "Historian Luke" The historicity of Luke himself is not established.
Pg 16. "Living witnesses" Hearsay. A claim of witnesses unproven.
Pg. 18. Even Paul, an early writer, wrote nothing about details of resurrection. http://www.infidels.org/library/modern/richard_carrier/resurrection/lecture.html
Pg. 19 Wrong. Burden of proof is on the positive claim. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philosophic_burden_of_proof
Pgs. 19-34 Argument from Ignorance 
Pg. 35 Hearsay. Also Corinthians asserts a supernatural appearance, not a resurrection from recent past death. Acts 1:15 indicates appearance at an unspecified later date.
Pgs. 36-37 There is more to Paul...
Pgs. 38-39 Appeal to Authority fallacy. Answered in this link. 
Pgs. 40-41 No contemporary evidence of Apostles (earliest 150 AD)
Pgs. 41-44 Guilt by association fallacy & faulty analogy. The Watergate conspirators were not being promised eternal rewards in heaven. If these martyrs existed, I have no doubt they BELIEVED, which is irrelevant to actual events.
Pgs. 45-46 Appeal to Authority fallacy
Pg. 47 "Strong evidence that the NT written at an early date" not supported in text. Only assertions.
Pg. 48 "Oral tradition not long enough.." Proof? Evidence?
Pgs. 49-51 So there's no originals. Therefore unknown numbers of errors.
Pgs. 52-54 Much of the NT was admitted to be hearsay. The writer of Mark's confusion with Palestinian geography is circumstantial evidence that Mark wasn't there. 
Pgs. 54-55 The contradictions between NT writers indicate lies.
Pgs. 55-58 An alternative explanation that doesn't include miracles is that it is all legendary. 
Pgs. 58-59 Writers a hundred years after the event don't add a lot to historicity. In fact, there were many contemporary writers who never attested to Jesus.
Pgs. 59-60 Luke doesn't agree with Josephus. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetrarchy_(Judea)
Pg. 60 "One test of a writer is consistency" Agreed. Luke fails.
Pgs. 61-62 The same standard must be set to the Bible as other secular literature. No. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. Otherwise it must be treated the same as other ancient records of legends such as Hercules.
Pgs. 62-63 Criterion of embarrassment argument. Limited in application and not proof that the event happened as described. May be used to fit writer's theology. 
Pgs. 65-69 I felt the same joy when released from indoctrination.
Pgs. 73-79 Preaching and selling stuff.
Pgs. 81-83 Disagree. Bible is consistent only in it's inconsistency. It shows every indication of being written by ancient superstitious people.

Hoax or History? I vote Hoax:)

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