Sorry, guys, to disappoint you. If you have a problem with me saying “not to forget the Nepal territory because Nepal territory is also a part of India”, please be informed that for film business purposes, the business of Nepal territory IS, IN FACT, added to the business of India (NOT Overseas, as you would believe). If you are unaware, let me inform you that deals for the Bihar territory are, technically speaking, deals for Bihar-Nepal territory. Alleging that I had ulterior motives in stating that Nepal territory is a part of India is both, childish and incorrect. ETC Bollywood Business is a show on Bollywood and whoever thinks, I would talk Geography or, for that matter, anything other than films on it, must be seriously delusional.

I respect the feelings of the Nepalese people but if they are so touchy about Nepal being treated as part of India for assessing the domestic business of films, let them take up the matter with the film industry leaders in India and Nepal. How can I be held responsible because I am stating what has been the norm for years? If the business of UK, USA, Australia and other foreign countries is included in the business of Overseas but the business of just one foreign country – Nepal – is added to the business of India for the purpose of arriving at the domestic business of films, how in the wildest of dreams can I be held responsible? It doesn’t need to be overemphasised that I was speaking in the context of the business of the film, Don 2, and not about geographical limits or territories when I was discussing the business figures of the Shah Rukh starrer. Why on earth would I discuss Geography or try to change it on a TV show called ETC Bollywood Business?

Think, guys, think. Quoting someone out of context – as some of you are quoting me – is dangerous, not reporting the facts – which is what I have done on the show.


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