We saw #2011TWMemories being hashtagged a lot earlier & most of our memories/highlights are here in this twitlonger....!

So we made the boys 'Tour Survival Kits' for #BehindBarsTour2011 (best 3 weeks of our lives!!) which contained condoms, pants, toothbrush, beer (fruit shoots for Nathan!) and honey & lemon! "What goes on tour, stays on tour!" ;-P

But then things got a bit mad...& it got mentioned in the paper!

The Sun, where it was first mentioned! -

Followed by The Daily Star -

Then they got mentioned in the mailer (Thanks Jay!) -

Another random mention in the Daily Star -

Nathan mentioning us on OKTV! -

Which led to this...the [alleged] kidnap plot in The Mirror (Lol!)-

Siva's mention of us in a Sugascape Interview -

Max's mention of us in a Key 103 Live interview! -

Little Cougar mention in this interview from France! -

The boys talking about us on In:Demand in November 2011!

And finally...our latest mention in The Sun!

...And @celebritain! · Reply
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