The Cineversity.TV statement
We oppose war as an instrument of foreign policy.

We believe in holding our leaders accountable to the people through all necessary means, honest and constitutionally justified.

We believe in a fair and just environmental policy that opens a path to legal status for those working for a clean and healthy environment.

We oppose the further development and/or use of all fossil fuels because its the root cause of climate change.

We oppose capital punishment and believe that the right to life is fundamental and cannot be taken from any man or woman or organisation who protects the environment, by law, by edict or by the particular will or convenience of any court or legislature to right any wrong.

We believe in the right for all people to make decisions for freedom of expression in the widest sense when it comes to saving our planet.

We believe in the rights of the people to access public institutes and the technology of the internet, free from interference by corporate agendas, therefor we oppose SOPA.

We believe in guaranteed high quality public education for all races, cultures and beliefs. We believe in not-for-profit universal health and environmental care worldwide.

We believe in limiting political decisions and corporate control to public control.

We believe in public control and financing of social security for all.

We believe in equality under the law for all with the focus on care for our planet.

We believe in improving human rights for all, and enforcement of human and environmental rights in all countries.

We support renewable energy which effectively uses natural resources such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides and geothermal heat

We object to biofuels production which causes inflationary costs or serious shortages of any agricultural products vital to the food supply.

We believe in a sustainable future for our planet and holding a policy of respect for nature and maintaining an ecological balance between the interests of man and nature, instead of an economic balance.

We support the Charter of the United Nations and its " Universal Declaration of the Rights of Man. " and real punishment for contries that live not by its rules.

We believe that nature has rights to be safeguarded.

We support the prosecution of any member or past member of a national or international corporation, abuse of power and lies, or anyone who is complicit in obstructing such justice through the exercise of office or lawyers and willingly obscures true justice, or has committed crimes against humanity that must be accounted for in a court of law of trusted judges without any blemish on their career.

We believe that any president, administration official or military officer ordering such actions, or who has knowledge of them beforehand, also has committed crimes against humanity that must be accounted for in a court of law.

We support not-for-profit universal health care for all citizens worldwide.

We support an aggressive international policy on global warming and measures to tackle climate change

We envision oil independence through investment in renewable energy resources.

We advocate very strict Laws for the oil and carobon industry, in case of deliberate environmental damage all assets will be expropriated as well as the profits of share/stockholders

We want the corporations to loose their "personhood" rights, funding by corporations will be seen as bribery.

Bribes will be seen as crimes against humanity and honesty and judged as warcrimes.

Political leaders, captains of industry will be held accountable retrospectively for ill deeds done in the past and judged accordingly.

The United Nations will be reformed, the United States, United Kingdom, China, France and Russia will loose their right of veto, all countries will have equal vote.

This is our first concept for Democracy 2.0 Cineversity.TV

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