From @richarddeitsch Tebow column: "Nationally, no sports program illustrates the manner in which Tebow moves the needle more than ESPN2's First Take, which features analyst Skip Bayless, a nearly 60-year-old man, defending the quarterback against handpicked opponents like a self-appointed F. Lee Bailey. But the proselytizing is working. The program's five most-watched shows ever have come in the last two months, and First Take's most-watched program (586,835 viewers) came on Dec. 5, following Denver's 35-32 win over Minnesota."

Tebow absolutely moves the needle nationwide as Deitsch's column proves, and maybe those of us that live and breathe sports are too close to the situation to appreciate how Tebow is getting over with the majority of America that isn't invested in sports 24/7. But First Take isn't just exploiting the way Tebow produces viewers, it is obliterating any sense of rationality in the process. There is more realism in professional wrestling than #SkipsTebowBandwagon.

Is First Take's Tebow obsession producing ratings? Sure. But at what point does ESPN admit to themselves that they are ripping out their own soul by doing this day after day after day after day. ESPN2 might as well air the Decision every morning as a lead-in to Tebow Take. Never forget the E stands for entertainment.

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