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13th Dec 2011 from Twitlonger

[Trans] 111213 Park Yoochun Signs Yet Another Individual CF... Love Call for Commercials 'One a day is the norm'

Park Yoochun receives attention for becoming a blue chip in the commercial industry.

Park Yoochun whom has been active in the commercial industry as the model for products from various spectrums such as beverages, gaming, IT and clothings has now been selected as the model for a ramyun commercial.

Park Yoochun has filmed for 4 or more individual commercials in the span of this year alone, also with JYJ members, they are active as the model for clothings and pharmaceutical commercials, rising to become the blue chip of the commercial world, the stock with the greatest value.

C-JeS expressed, "Queries for commercials are endless, including the current commercials that he's signed on, there would be around 1~2 commercial offers in a day."

They continued, "Apart from dramas and performances in events, it is difficult to see them on the 3 broadcasting stations and on variety shows, thus raising their scarcity value."

Representatives of advertising companies said, "Thoughout this period of time, through dramas, he has won the full support of advertisers by showing a character of a polite gentleman that is capable of giving the masses a sense of trust as well as through his handsome looks which gives off an congenial image," explaining the reason why Park Yoochun receives endless love calls from advertisers.

Also emphasised is, "Furthermore, as a member of Hallyu star JYJ, there exists a vibrant and active fan culture, which directly impacts the sales of the product, in the future, advertisers' 'love for Park Yoochun' will continue."

In reality, advertisers that has chosen Park Yoochun as their models makes use of his gentle and warm image to endorse their products, together with marketing that takes place rapidly, the powerful "effects of Park Yoochun" can be seen immediately.

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