It's not ok for to call women scientists slimy c**ts. If u agree, pls RT & let him know. More details:

This person has sent the following email (see below; warning: extremely offensive language) to me and at least one other female climate scientist. He has gloated about it on a blog (also copied below) and apparently has a long a history of harassing female professionals


From: Stan Lippmann <<>>
Date: December 11, 2011 2:42:29 AM CST
To: "Hayhoe, Katharine"
Subject: Slimey-cunted Nazi Bitch Whore Climatebecile

You stupid bitch,
You are a mass murderer and will be convicted at the Reality TV Grand Jury in Nuremberg, Pennsylvania. AGW has never been anything but a Rockefeller depopulationary eugenical scam. It was debunked at Hopkins by R.W. Wood in 1908. There is no anomalous sea level rise, there is no correlation between CO2 and temperature, there is no such thing as radiative forcing. There is a fake solar constant in the models, ignoring solar variation and upper atmospheric x-ray absorption, 10 micron backscatter is exaggerated numercially by ten orders of magnitude, the NIMBUS satellite data was fudged according to it's chief scientist, so there was actually no rise in the 1990's, just like there is no rise in the 2000s. The glaciers are not melting abnormally, the ice pack at the poles is just about normal. The ozone hole was another complete fabrication that killed millions of people through lack of refrigerators. IPCC admits there has never been a single measurement of increase surface UV due to the ozone hole. After the Grand Jury indicts you, I would like to see you convicted and beheaded by guillotine in the public square, to show women that if they are going to take a man's job, they have to take the heat for mass murder, just like the men do when they get caught. If you have a child, then women in the future will be even more leery of lying to get ahead, when they see your baby crying next to the basket next to the guillotine.
Stan in Seattle

Comment today on Tom Nelson blog
I am the supposed culprit. I read how horrified she was that people were calling climate scientists "Nazis", so I Googled for her email and did my usual Nazi Bitch Whore litany, like I do every day. My usual litany includes, "When the Grand Jury is done with you, I'll enjoy watched them string you up." The reason she is not reporting it is because this is obviously not a death threat. It's an effective counter-propaganda tactic, thank you very much.
Stan Lippmann Ph.D. (radiative transfer in ionized gases, 1989) J.D. 1998

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