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9th Dec 2011 from Twitlonger

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In a world....

that is based on money growth (thus inflation and economic growth needed) through INTEREST, there's no way out, and NO one wins, except for the very few who profit from the world's demise. Trying to get out of debt, how sound it may seem to ppl who are used to making ends meet, will stop the creation of new money to pay for the ever growing amount of money because of interest the "creators" require. Please see "Money as Debt" on Youtube FIRST, and translate this and all its links and comments:

But spending by lending can't go on forever either, dear socialists. Every which way the world loses. Severe cuts as proposed will send the economy to a halt, ppl will lose their jobs and all of us will suffer, unless we act NOW!

High time we put this terminally ILL system to death, because no one wins, and there's NO other way out! Make interest illegal, end usury, private banking, and give only transparant and strictly monitored governmental banks the power to create, lend, regulate and help circulate a new world currency which I would call "the Mono". (esperanto for "money") This is *no* communism, au contrair: It will provide businesses much more freedom to operate and grow, because they can borrow as much money as they need without having to pay additional interest, solely on the basis of a good businessplan and making sure you can fulfill your monthly payments!

Governments of the world, start doing what you're paid to do and "take the banks out of our money"! Bonds will cease to exist, governments take care of their own citizens, but you can always buy risk-baring stock. Wallstreet can remain the same, investments can go on, but no more riskfree interest! At last, innovative businesses will nog longer be tied up in interest-ridden lease-construction creditmisery, where every innovation dies before it has a change to present itself to the world!

Pres. Lincoln tried to take on the private banking system by issuing his own interestFREE money, as did Pres. Jackson, but they couldn't do it on their own. Everyone who tries, seems to end up dead. We, the people, the 99%, ARE the ones who should BE the governments. Our current goverments are mere slaves to the banks, who OWN us all! Our governments are not the enemy, though, they just need to see the light and take a stand WITH us! It's not governments, communism, socialism, capitalism or liberalism we should fight against, because none of these systems can florish within this monetary system.

INTEREST, in all it's forms, keeping us "happy" and "satisfied" when we save money, is our common enemy. It enslaves, makes us poor, creates the need for economic growth, quick money and greed, wars, and world hunger. It must cease to exist. We had better KNOW what we are doing, when we are about to end the system, and we must NEVER fall for ANY form of interest again! Ppl and banks who lend money with interest, must be brought to trial and convicted for FRAUD because it is THEFT!

We need money in this complex world, *Zeitgeist* is wrong in claiming that we can do without. Money is NOT the enemy and it does not create greed. Money SHOULD be our friendly companion. Making money off of money through easy interest, is what creates greed, and the evergrowing need for "more more more". The whole world can live as one, and I wish John Lennon had included the abolishment of interest in his "Imagine" lyrics. Or Queen, in "One Vison". If they had, it would have been perfect.

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