@LouPickney @IamOrlando @mrcowhead @BTLSradio Lou you only missed a couple of things, great read on the blog btw. I'm only in Tampa because I couldn't leave, I had two types of pneumonia and developed many pulmonary embolisms and the Drs, nurses, Respiratory dept of Tampa General Hospital saved my life. I can't fly till mid Jan. And right now my lungs can't take the cold. My inlaws live in Sarasota, Cowhead is a dear friend of mine and so naturally have my car's radio was set to 102.5. I kept on listening to Bubba when Howard was in replays just to hear what this was all about,ie the Bubba Army devotion, I was very curious. All I heard was bubba trash people, he had a liner sticking up for a coach that handed out mock bullying forms, homophobia thinly veiled and blatant at times, racism thinly veiled, and plug ola a lot of plug ola, that's illegal and he's stealing from Cox. Then Cowhead says something small about Bubba, then Bubba runs and tells mngt of Cox and Cowhead was fined, then Bubba tweets that Cowhead is somehow involved in trying to sabotage his show, so Cowhead responds I will tell you to your face that you are a no talent hack. Bubba goes again and gets Cowhead fined and a one day suspension. A day that I was going to promote my 3 Tuesday performances at the Improv in Tampa since I can't leave FL. I btw am paying for commercials on 102.5, so I'm a customer of Cox Radio. So in setting up other media, Orlandos show, Am970, I hear what Bubba did to Cledus and a charity, how he poisoned the well so much that nothing could be done for a child's charity, then on top of that, I find out that Brian McKnight was going to do a version for free to benefit the charity as well. Now as a father of two and a friend to Cowhead, Orlando, and Cledus, I was furious with rage. I read correspondence between Bubba and Orlando saying this is a great radio bit. No it's not, Bubba killed a charity donation given freely and done out of the goodness of his heart to benefit children. Then when I arrived at Orlandos show, he played the on air war of words between Bubba and he, and Orlando owned him. Bubba said you big fat black n then stopped himself from finishing the word. Gee I wonder what n word was Bubba going to use neighbor, Neanderthal, ne'er-do-well? Then Bubba goes on to say that Orlando was playing the race card, that he would never say the n word. Well the very day before on Bubbas radio io show he not only said the word he said it several times, to his employees. And we just exposed him as a liar, and I said to Orlando I bet McDonalds doesn't use him anymore, and Orlando said they wouldnt care, well apparently they did and supposedly are not using Bubba to promote their brand, good for them. Then the topper is towards the end of the show we get messages from Heather, Bubbas ex wife, and it turns out the she and Orlando went out for dinner together for four hours and had a great time at a sushi restaurant. So we called her and they set up another date to come see me at the Improv on Tuesday the 13. Two hours later on my way back to Sarasota, Cowhead texted me and said that Cox was livid because of how upset Bubba was, so they banned me from the Cox building, mind you I'm still an advertiser. Then Brent H tweeted me about how I was a liar, and I had slandered Bubba, so I said sue me my attorney of record in FL is Dominic Fariello and he could serve him with the slander suit or that I would be at the Improv in Ybor Tuesday the 13th Showtime was 8 pm, and he could serve me then. I had no idea of the past with Jay Mohr and Bubba, but that's even more of a reason for me to hate Bubba. I also said to Brent that his anger was misplaced how I'm not the one putting his livelihood in jeopardy, it's his own boss, Bubba the Love sponge.

I was never put up to this by Cowhead, Orlando, Cledus, or Jay Mohr. This was all me verbally punching a bully, racist, homophobe in his big mouth. And he could've called in, the phone lines were open, he could've contacted me. Instead he went to his bosses and got me banned from the building of Cox, a building that I'm in more than he is. So I couldn't do Cowhead.

Now I have a good mind to put up billboards around Tampa with a picture of Bubba and his name saying how he uses the word nigger, I've got money I don't care. I want an apology to Cowhead, and get his money back that Cox fined him, Cledus, Orlando, black people, gays and lesbians, and anyone else he's bullied. This is Bubba's comeuppance. His fans attack me online, but I tell each one of them he's not worthy of your devotion.

I hope this fills in some of the blanks.


Ralphie May

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