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5th Dec 2011 from Twitlonger

A friend of mine has recently been assessed for his care needs.

This has come about because, next year, he will face a shortfall in his Housing Benefit due to the Local Housing Allowance (LHA) cuts and caps.

As a result of losing well over £200 per month, he will not be able to afford his home.

He is losing this because, although he lives on his own, he has another bedroom.

However, this is not a spare bedroom, as it is used to store a commode, two different wheelchairs, a toilet adaptation and a hoist.

This is bulky equipment and is the only space in the house where he can keep it.

However, the new rules introduced by the government take no account for this.

The Council has told him that they have no suitable housing that meet his needs.

Because he also has a carer that stays over from time to time (on a sofa bed!), this would not be feasible in a smaller property.

As such, due to his special care needs, the only option for him is a residential home that provides nursing care.

The cost? His assessment costs this at just over £2,000 PER WEEK.

So, the cuts are taking his home away; they are taking away his independent living - and for that the taxpayer has to pay over £5,000 per month more.

These cuts are making no sense at all.

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