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5th Dec 2011 from Twitlonger

@farmlanebooks @alisonflood Here's the follow-up email from Willam Morrow marketing, sent on Dec 1.

Dear Bloggers,

Yesterday you received an email from us outlining our efforts to try to streamline the process of getting you the galleys and books that you are interested in, rather than loading you up with ones that are of little or no interest to you. We very much value and appreciate your willingness to request our books, as well as your consideration of them for review attention. It was never our intention to alienate anyone or make anyone feel that we are placing demands on them. Not posting a review within a time period will not earn anyone a suspension from the list.

Also, our intention was to say that if you aren't interested in something, feel free to let us know that. We want to be able to continue to alert you of new titles in a timely way and get you the books you are interested in more quickly. At a time, when we are all attempting to be more responsible and reduce our carbon footprint, we want to make this system easier and more systematic so that you get what you need. Each of you is vitally important to us and play an integral part in creating and sustaining the all-important “buzz” factor when we publish a new book. We want this to be a system that works best for everyone and this is simply a start. If we need to readjust the process, we would love your input. Thanks for your partnership in this process.


The William Morrow Marketing Team

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