Updated list of tonight's Community advertisers:
(Thank you to @SaveCommunity3 & @ViolinCatherine!)

Applebees (@Applebees),
Apple iPod Touch (@appstore),
7Up w/Cee Lo Green (@7Up, @CeeLoGreen),
Clinique/Macys (@Clinique_US, @Macys),
CITI Thank You Rewards (@Citi),
AT&T Wireless (@ATT),
Hanes Socks (@hanescomfort),
KMart (@KMart),
New Year's Eve movie (@WBpictures),
CocaCola glasses at McDonald's (@CocaCola & @McDonalds)
Old Navy (@OldNavy)
Toys R Us (@ToysRUs)
Puffs Plus AND Olay Regenerist (@proctergamble),
Sprint iPhone (@Sprint),
Uniball (@uniball_usa),
Cottonelle (@cottonelle),
Wendy's (@Wendys)
Metamucil (@metamucil),
Bose (@boseservice),
Petsmart (@Petsmart),
Verizon FiOS (@Verizon),
Wind Mobile (@WINDmobile),
Bose (@boseservice),
Sun Life Financial (@SunLifeCareers)
The Keg Steakhouse (https://www.facebook.com/thekegsteakhouseandbar)
Future Shop (@FS_connect),
Tim Hortons (@TimHortons)
Lexus (@Lexus)
Raymour & Flanigan (@RaymourFlanigan)

Also. Don't forget @YoplaitYogurt - they love us and we love them! Check out http://www.greek4good.com/Greek4Good/Default.aspx.

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