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27th Nov 2011 from Twitlonger

PLEASE READ THIS From Me: I work with the homeless Always have They are a part of our communities & they are people that matter. I know their names Many struggle with addiction Many are veterans Many have faced medical problems or hardships you may not understand & they have stories. Brandon Lambert comes to my church homeless lunch I volunteer at & became one of my very best friends. I hang out with this loud mouthed funny scoundrel with a Irish brogue all the time. I've spent Thanksgiving & Christmas with him for years now in the parking lot where he lives & I love him & he makes me laugh. I introduced him to my family & he had to meet any guy I was seeing. Brandon is 39 years old. His problems started years ago when his son was killed & he started hitting the bottle & the pipe. He had gotten clean, not sober, but clean & was trying. He was always filthy & I always gave him handi-wipes, huge hugs, batteries for his radio etc. & always told him I loved him . He LOVED music & I'd play him my new tracks before anyone else heard them. Brandon was hit by a car & killed on Nov. 1st. I've spent weeks looking for him & finally got the news. #RIPBrandonLambert You were SO loved. You mattered so much to me & I will miss you everyday. You were just AWESOME to me & my beloved friend. Please consider actually talking to a homeless person in your town. You might make a friend for life. His life was cut too short. Love you brother. #RIP

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