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26th Nov 2011 from Twitlonger

WikiLeaks press conference on Dec. 1st
Online security and the reopening of the submission system

On December 1st, WikiLeaks will host a press conference which will expose extraordinary privacy threats to journalists, sources and others as well as launch a new phase for WikiLeaks, just over a year after the Cablegate release. 

WikiLeaks is building a state-of-the-art secure submission system. Constructing the system is very complex. Due to the deteriorating state of internet security which directly impacts the ability of sources to communicate with journalists and human rights activists securely, WikiLeaks has decided to postpone the launch initially scheduled for Monday 28th 2011 in the interest of source protection.  WikiLeaks' new public electronic drop box is substantially more advanced than its predecessor. 

Online security has become severely and irreversibly compromised over the past months. Over a year or longer SSL certificates have been penetrated by various organised crime groups and intelligence agencies. The entire SSL system, which is the mechanism that guarantees security and anonymity online, has been compromised. SSL is beyond repair. 

The press conference will be in central London at 12:30. PM. Location of the press conference will be announced early next week as well as information on those present.

Places will be limited so please register your attendance by emailing:
Three people, including a camera, will be allowed per organisation.

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