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25th Nov 2011 from Twitlonger

This is my response to the idiots who agree with Bill Looman III who says he won't hire anyone until POTUS Obama is gone: Bill Looman III who runs Owner at U. S. Crane, LLC I hope his business fails. I shall share this post with my friends on twitter. That means since u are a business owner u think like Willard Mitt Romney that corporations are people. So because Obama is president u won't hire anyone. So it seems to me a bit self centered because there are ppl out here struggling who need jobs and you as a business owner are pandering to the Party of No The Grand Obstructionist Party who REFUSE to sign the POTUS Jobs Bill. As far as I'm concerned u can take ur jobs that u are withholding and shove it where the sun don't shine. Be careful of how you treat ppl on your way up because you may just run back into them on your way down when your business fails. Congress and their bickering back and forth is causing all the problems. If the POTUS puts forth bills and congress is constantly rejecting everything how bout u tell us how anything is supposed to be accomplished. And all you ppl who want to blame POTUS Obama for everything are no better than the rest of those closed minded idiots who can't look past a persons color. Why didn't you do this while G.W. Bush was POTUS? So I guess its ok that G.W. Bush started 2 wars where lots of soldiers lives have been lost based on a lie that there were WMD. It's all good POTUS Obama cleaned house and finished off where G.W. Bush left by ridding the world of 2 tyrants. GA the Red State sure does Rep Well in their ignorance. So I say #BOYCOTT BILL LOOMIS III owner of Owner at U. S. Crane, LLC Waco Georgia.

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