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25th Nov 2011 from Twitlonger

Favourite concert memories:

Guitar picks: Yellow: Kate Nash 14.09.10 in Copenhagen, Blue: Jim Cratchley (Tribes) 21.11.2011 in Copenhagen, White: Chris Shiflett (we all know who he is) 21.06.2011 in Copenhagen.
Drum stick: Nick Hodgson (Kaiser Chiefs) 21.11.2011 in Copenhagen.
Autographs: Band members of Tribes and Transfer 21.11.2011 in Copenhagen.
- I have tons of other signed tickets by bands, but this concert was so special, and my friend and I got to actually meet the two support groups for Kaiser Chiefs afterwards and talk to them for quite a while. And I have a huge crush on Johnny Lloyd (Tribes), so it couldn't get any better. :))

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