TONIGHT! Let's all gather around as we watch and celebrate the LAST episode of Season 3 "Aliens and the Creation of Man"... PLEASE tell EVERYONE to tune in as this is one of THE BEST Ancient Aliens episodes we've EVER made!

Why are human beings so much different than any other living creature on Earth? Find out the truth behind mankind's genetic and COSMIC origins... Learn about why scientists theorize that there was a "special event" that caused a "Big Bang" of our brain that gave us intelligence beyond any other living being... AND IF SO, did these events truly happen by pure chance or could they have been caused by a targeted artificial mutation of our genes by extraterrestrials?

Most importantly, what is the "missing link" between primates and modern human beings? Is it merely Darwinian evolution and natural selection as some scientists believe? Or, as Ancient Alien theorists propose, could there have been some help from the cosmos?

History Channel. As always, please check YOUR local listings for times. Again, DON'T miss this one... Plus, get your AA fix and watch reruns on the ALL-DAY ANCIENT ALIENS MARATHON TODAY, also on History! Tsoukalicious!

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