November 21th 2011.

I went to Ichikawa on 20th and I rented a room in a cheap hotel.At 15 hours,I walked to Ichikawa Bunka Kaikan.Because I don't know clearly the streets so I have to use the map.There were many the GazettE's Fans in the street, I knew it because they used BM goods and some of them are cosplayer.Even, some people waited here from morning or the noon.When I went to Goods Tour Uriba ( sorry, I don't know what is called in English >"<),the time was near 5 P.M. .Because I surely enjoyed the LIVE to the night so I tried to buy some FAST FOOD before going to the gate.

And this, the things I am always worry was happened.BM boston bags was sold out quickly.But luckily, I still could buy many tour goods.That is a bear keychain,a BM t-shirts and others.After that I started finding my ticket.It was a bad time!I didn't find my ticket!I began being scared and I thought I had to catch TAXI to come back my hotel in order to find my ticket.But the time was near 6 P.M!When I found one time,luckily,I saw my ticket in the purse that I have never used!I was too pleased and screamed happily.I went to my seat abit lately.My ticket for HERESY and my seat was in 2nd row.Normally, HERESY can sit near the GazettE's parents (laughs).But GFC's seats seems near the GazettE than us.But no problem, I had a ideal seat which I could see the GazettE quite clearly.18h30, the performance was started.The light was gradually disappeared and when hearing [INFUSED INTO],my heart was suddenly hurt!When the members came out [ Kai is the first, and then is Uruha,Reita,Aoi and finally is Ruki].Immediately,the audiences called their name.I did it too, and I called Aoi's name very loudly.A girl wearing Lolita Style near me called Aoi too.She turned to me and laughed with me.Aoi is not the member I love the most but I did it because he is too handsome!When he came out, He smiled with us.A beauty smile!Reita is very cool too.I saw that Uruha was laughing XDD~~

My power of vision is not good so I couldn't see Kai clearly.Reita made signal to us but I really couldn't understand.I hoped that STAFFs adjusted the light spots overwhelm.The hall was darked gradually and I thought :" It starts!".The setlist wasn't changed but I had hoped that something changed.( but this wasn't happened).It was so long since I last went to the GazettE's LIVE so everything for me was new.Although I am Japanese but everything Ruki said I heared rarely.
But at that time I don't care at all,after [VENOMOUS CELL SPIDER],[SLUDGY CULT] was performed.Kai smiled very beautifully!!!I don't know if I was wrong but it seemed Aoi gave Uruha a cool smile~~~After [SLUDGY CULT], they performed [VORTEX], you know.I talked with the Lolita girl near me although around us it was very noisy.This Tokyo girl said that she has gone to most of LIVEs in VC TOUR.As other times,the way Ruki sang [VORTEX] makes FANS really excessive enthusiasm.I tried to see entirely the GazettE's members.It was still a cute singing!When Ruki sang " I don't wanna become the fucking garbage like you", I screamed because Ruki's engrish is really cute!!After [VORTEX] there was a short break.We continue to call the GazettE's names.When I called " Ruki-channn~~~", a girl looking Visual Kei turned to see me,laughed out loud and thrashed my shoulder.No problem,the next song continue.

The next song is [SUICIDE CIRCUS].I have just practice to cover bass of this song so I headbanged with the bass melody.I didn't see the stage beacause I was headbanging.Tomomi ( the Lolita girl) headbanged ardently too.In this song Ruki is really attractive!!!And the next is the song I always look forward!You know, it's [MY DEVIL ON THE BED].The attractive thing of [MY DEVIL ON THE BED] is the FANSERVICE.The cane closely connected with Ruki.Before going to the LIVE, I read LIVE REPORT many times but seeing directly is really interedted.The FANSERVICE of Ruki with the cane was scalding hot!!!Ruki kept the cane between his legs and sometimes he pointed the cane to us.He did some actions as if he did something with someone!!I am not good at English so I didn't hear clearly what Ruki sang except Japanese centences.( Although I read the lyrics).

After that is a SHORT BREAK because of the equipment of Uruha.After 10 minuste, the melody started.IT WAS [13 STAIRS-[1] ]!!! Mostly I headbanged.In the clean section of Uruha, I stopped headbanging and saw him.He came to near the audiences and hold up his head.HE IS REALLY ATTRACTIVE!!!!

Ruki's voice is so POWER!I seemed be crazy!!!A girl asked me at the end of song :" Do you realize that Ruki sang "Woaahhhooohoohoo" ?". I answered :" Eh?!!Isn't it normal?!!".

" No, Ruki changed in this section!He vibrated his voice and changed the end".

After that I and She laughed.Ruki pointed his hand in the air and [13 STAIRS -[1]] was ended perfectedly.Immediately the Melody continue emerged and I heared someone screamed :" This is!!! It's RUTHLESS DEED".Yes, I love this song too.Ruki's voice is wide and this song make me pleased because [RUTHLESS DEED]'s melody is high.Acoustic guitar 's melody was very pure beauty.

The next song is [痴情].Do you guys remember that when [REMEMBER THE URGE] released, Ruki wrote on Twitter that he liked this song the most ( than REMEMBER THE URGE and CLEVER MONKEY] and He really wanted to perform this song?.When I heard it directly, I completely understood that.the lyrics of [痴情]as if pins my heart.Reitabowed,and Aoi saw us, he shook his head with the melody.Tomomi said to me that she had listened to it in LIVE many times but she always saw that it was very new.When [痴情] ended, [UNTITLED] continue it perfectedly.Ruki took one of the candles near Kai's drum set and put it on his platform.That makes me amazed.Everything became mysterious and I think [痴情] and [UNTITLED] took the soul for the LIVE.I love lyrics of them.Whenever I heard it,my heart felt hurt.Yes, it is really abit shy but I cried in entire the song.Most of people around me cried too.I couldn't see anything.In the end, Ruki blowed out the candle and the hall gradually went black.

[AGONY] is completely diffirent from [UNTITLED]!!!I laughed alot when the GazettE performed it.Ruki's voice is amazing!A spot light lighted Kai when he play the drum section to begin.After that spot lights light up each members.Ruki started his RAP ACTION...Awww, It's really CUTE!!!!!!I learned by heart this song and we begin doing some weird action.(laughs).Uruha came near Ruki and I saw that they smiled with eachother.Then, Uruha came near Aoi and run around the stage.In [CLEVER MONKEY] Aoi seemed headbang!!!I headbanged too and I couldn't remember anything after that!!! ( laughs).I will buy the DVD so I headbanged without watching to STAGE.Ruki's laugh made many FANS scream ( so do I).After [CLEVER MONKEY] there was a SHORT BREAK again.Tomomi asked me :" Do you see that?! Ruki and Reita...".
I immediately screamed :" What??!! EHHH??what happened?!"
" Reita came near to Ruki and Ruki clinged Reita's shouder abit".

Whooaaa!!!I was unlucky!!!She said she was not sure because everything had became disoredered but I still sad!

During [VERMIN] and [PSYCHOPATH] I headbanged and headbanged.Reita, Aoi and Uruha helped Ruki sang by growling into their mics.Reita's voice was loud and power!!!I headbanged during [ HEADACHE MAN] with the cute devil laugh of Ruki!.Ruki is an adorable tiny devil!!!After that is [ FITLTH IN THE BEAUTY].All the members headbanged except Kai.But Kai showed perfectedly his power drum skill!!!I and Tomomi headbanged with eachother.The STAGE was really spirited althought the real temperation is low.END SONG of MAIN PART is [ TOMORROW NEVER DIES].I remember that when I was in Vietnam, I heard this song many time when I was sad and disappointed.So when the others headbanged, I cried. It looks like I was the only one who stood to cry in this song.

When Kai finished his drumming, he threw his drum sticks behind.And they went to BACKSTAGE.

Then [OMEGA] started.I didn't care about the video projected.We called " ENCORE" when the GazettE was still in Backstage.We called loudly so I was excited and pleased.Kai came out and we called his name.He made some signal that I thought he wanted to mention about Power ( sorry!).Suddenly I had a stomachache and I couldn't continue to see them.I heard that everyone screamed.It seemed Reita came out.Reita screamed out, " Yeeeaaahhh" and everyone screamed following to him.I wanted to do that too but my stomachache prevented me!Reita used Ruki's mic as everytime and with Kai's drumming, fans screamed out:


Oh, I am not Ichikawa's person but I tried to screamed out.At that time I really wanted to see Reita.[ RIDE WITH THE ROCKERS] was very exciting.My soul followed Reita's bass melody, Reita's voice [ he mostly yelled " Oi!Oi!Oi!] and we are very glad,we repeated after him.After that Aoi and Uruha came out.Uruha acted that he asked us to release our soul.I was nearly a crazy girl with [RIDE WITH THE ROCKERS].I didn't felt dizzy anytime!!!Till now I haven't known why at that time I could headbang such that!! [ RIDE WITH THE ROCKERS] is very very GOODDDD~~~~.As many previous LIVE REPORT said that.When [RIDE WITH THE ROCKERS] ended,Ruki came on the stage and the next song was [REMEMBER THE URGE].

I love Kai's drumming at the begin.Uruha's solo was very AMAZING.I sang after Ruki and I was very happy when I heard that song.After that is [COCKROACH].The way Reita performed this song was very cool!!!Reita sang too!!!And...He seemed saying with us something but he didn't use mic so we all couln't understand.Suddenly he made me laugh when i saw him like that!![DISCHARGE] continued and Ruki called " ICHIKAWA" in sometimes.Mostly everybody in here headbanged.Until [LINDA~Candydive Pinky Heaven~] my stomach became normal.Luckily Aoi clapped abit.[At first I was worry he didn't do that].In this song there was some Fanservice too but I didn't remember clearly.Reita and Aoi did something funny.At the end Aoi clapped too~~That made me glad muchh~~~He is very cool~~

After Linda is the 2nd ENCORE.You all know it was [Kantou Dogeza Kumiai] nehh??.Gezz,I really love [AKAI ONEPIECE] so I hoped they performed it but that didn't happened.But no problem, there was a perv - fanservice in Kantou~!!!!I extremely shocked when i saw that!!!At first, Aoi came up Reita from behind,I didn't know why but he kept his leg ( exactly his knee) between Reita's legs!!!(≧_≦) Maybe Reita thought that was a joke of Aoi so he sit on Aoi's thigh ( but my friend Tomomi said that Reita thought Aoi wanted he to sit on Aoi's thigh so he sit on).Aaahh,But Aoi didn't prepare before,Aoi immediately fell down, and so did Reita.Reita even sat on his lap!!!( laughs).Uruha and Ruki turned back to see Aoi and Reita too!!!This was really a disorderrrrr~~~~~~~!!!!!Many of us screamed, but others guffawed.Yesss, that is the most embarrassed FANSERVICE of the GazettE I have ever seen !!!!!Ruki pointed his hand to the sky and called " ICHIKAWA!!!!", we answered and he acted something very coolll~At that time Reita came up Ruki and Uruha did too.Aoi acted like he welcame us and high-fived all of FANS.The LIVE ended up but I was very sorry~~~~Ruki said :"サンキュー市川!!!" ( ehh, Ruki didn't say this thing in English ^^) and after that he left the stage.At the end Ruki seemed quite dizzy and I saw he turned to Reita and smile~~~

Ichikawa Bunka Kaikan

15.Filth in the beauty


E1.Ride with the ROCKERS
E6.LINDA~candydive Pinky heaven~


WE1.Kantou dogeza kumiai

We gradually left the hall when the light disappeared.I tried to walk slowly and I was one of the last fans left the hall.STAFF was packing up instruments and cables.I was really happy and I wondered if I could wait for the GazettE when they left Ichikawa Bunka Kaikan.It was raining.I waited there for so long and I met a oversea FAN.She is French and she said she was exchange student for 1 year.She wasn't good at Japanese so I used my french ( quite bad) and my Japanese + my English (abit bad) to talk with her.She was in GFC and during the LIVE she stood near an oversea girl who was in GFC too, but this girl is not the GazettE's FANS (laughs).She enjoyed the LIVE carelessly and after that she used mobile to write message!!!.But she was very lucky.She finished that before STAFFs knew.I couldn't follow the GazettE's car but ok...Everything for me is ok!!!

the LIVE is really exciting, and very goooddd~~~I saw Ruki laughed alot~But I read REPORT in FUKUOKA SUN PALACE (of Sixth_bullet) and I saw that in FUKUOKA the LIVE is more cool and exciting (; ;).[ Because it's wide and there was birthday of Kai nehh?].

My English is quite bad....And the things which happened normally in every LIVE I didn't write. [ Example Ruki pointed his middle finger to us when he sang the last word of VORTEX or the way the GazettE made us cheer up...].This REPORT is quite long.I am sorry m(_ _)m.ごめんなさい!!!




次はツアーファイナルの横浜アリーナだ★F」ーー>I wrote after the LIVE. (On NOV.21)

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