Stefania C · @VampDiariesF

19th Sep 2010 from Twitlonger

You know how in the beginning of the VD episode, Stefan says his little intro well I made my own intro but from a fans perspective and yes i wrote this by myself--->

Vampire Diaries is my oxygen, my blood, my survival without it I don't exist ! I'm a human who feeds on the drama and misery of others. I will cherish the Salvatore brothers for eternity. We torment those who are non-believers. The darkness is our day and our day is our darkness. We risk the lives of those who protect Mystic Falls and protect those who destroy it. There compulsion, there strength and there speed and agility are our biggest fantasy! Our bond is everlasting but beware of those who lurk at night! I'm not afraid of what you say or what you do, I'm afraid of what I'll become for you! Who am I? I'm a Vampire Diaries Fan, thats who I am !

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