Been having a lot of people ask me questions on how to obtain a signed copy of @joshuagates' book if you didn't get to go to the Huntington Beach signing or can't make the 12/2 NYC signing. Here are some details:

-you can send your copy to his fan mail address and wait for him to sign it and send it back, but honestly, you will most likely be waiting a long time and PLEASE (on a personal note) don't harass Josh and write him over and over demanding an autograph. he is a very busy guy, as he's a world explorer who produces the show & has a lot of obligations to fulfill that keep him traveling. good things come to those who wait! fan mail address on

-if you're reading this before Nov 23rd, you can bid on an auction I'm holding supporting the recent domain purchase and funding BTR where you can get a personalized signed copy and DT dog tags here -

-I still have three more signed copies to give out in contests free, but you have to be following me on Twitter or visiting regularly to know how to participate and I don't take submissions after deadlines

good luck :) PS - I know for sure Josh WANTS to plan more signings, but there aren't any aside from the NYC one at the moment that are concrete

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