[RT] Read this if you want to ask "Will SNSD win Mubank this week?":

On a whole we should be at advantage but even so, we'll only win by a little.

Our album sales is higher, yet it can't be cancelled out with the difference we're lacking behind at Digital because of the percentage in calculation for K-chart. Moreover, some other grps who're not nominees are also working on their albums, their sales will also affect the score (in a bad way).

As for the broadcast, we either have similar scores as Wonder Girls or they have a little advantage. To prepare for the worst, we will just predict that ours is lower.

Wonder Girls has half of our score for People's choice, that's something pretty confirmed. (900 vs 1800)

Overall, it's dangerous this week, but I believe that our efforts will pay off.


I wrote this based on a prediction post by Taenglala on DC.

According to his prediction, if SNSD wins, we can at most win by 1500 points and least by 90 points. Of course, chances are low.
The most objective prediction says that the difference will be less than 600, which makes it seem really dangerous.

Even so, please don't worry too much. Let's wait patiently for the results on Friday.

(Thanks to 탱랄라님, 수고하셨어요)

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