Relatório de consultoria dos EUA que vazou na Internet, denuncia quais os interesses que estão por trás dos ataques a Belo Monte:

"Farms Here, Forests There

Tropical Deforestation and U.S.- Competitiveness in Agriculture and Timber

Shari Friedman - David Gardiner & Associates



Destruction of the world’s tropical forests by overseas timber, agriculture, and cattle operations has led to a dramatic expansion in production of commodities that compete directly with U.S. products. About 13 million hectares (32 million acres) of forest are destroyed every year — mostly in the tropics.1 This deforestation has allowed large-scale low-cost expansion of timber, cattle and agricultural production, and has also caused damage to the environment and forest communities.

Much of this timber and agricultural expansion has come through practices that do not meet U.S. industry
standards for sustainability, labor practices, and basic human rights, providing these overseas agricultural operations a competitive advantage over U.S. producers.

(...)" FINAL.pdf

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