Q: Why are you selling so much stuff? Don't you make money off the fan sites? Do you just take the money for yourself?

A: The reason why I sometimes sell items, which only happens a few times a year versus the many times a year I give items out for free and always ship out for free to US fans, is to fund fan promo efforts. Originally, all funds from auctions and donations have gone towards my BlogTalkRadio account in order to run DT Fan Radio and anything extra went towards shipping supplies. Now, I will be buying an official domain name for the fan site (now http://joshuagatesfan.weebly.com) and that itself is close to $68 for two years merely to upgrade to a domain, not to get a pro account with better features. I make a living off of my full time job that's related in no way to the fan sites.

As far as making money off of the sites, I do not make a living off of the fan site or corresponding media channels and I am very adamant that no fan, unless HIRED by their interest in question, should be able to. We run fan sites and do fan promo because we enjoy being more involved. While I fully support and obviously try to gain enough funds merely to reimburse, fans should not make enough from their sites to make a living, principle wise, in my opinion. I'm lucky if I can reimburse myself for 50% to 70% of the costs I shell out in doing fan site work.

As far as taking money for myself...seriously? I buy clothing from Goodwill and retail store clearance sections, my car was bought used, and I obviously don't live in a penthouse if you've seen my vlogs. so what do YOU think? ;) LOVE - Amanda

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