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16th Nov 2011 from Twitlonger

This may not make sense but I'm going with it. Tonight in Glee Finn outed Santana in front of everyone. I know Santana can be a bitch and has said hurtful things but she didn't deserve that. I'm not dismissing or anything but straight people out there can never understand that feeling. You should never be outed, you should only come out when YOU'RE ready. What Finn did was out of order. Being gay/lesbian/bi/transgendered is hard enough, especially if you're still dealing with it, but for somebody to out you when you're not ready? No fucking way. You cannot understand the feeling. The looks, the talks, people threatening you, bullying you or any other feeling. People all over have committed suicide, been stoned or, worse, beaten and raped for their sexuality. Did you know somewhere in this world women are raped to "make them straight"? I bet you didn't. Ok I'm getting slightly away from the topic but my point still stands. Being straight is easier than gay/lesbian/bi/transgendered. People should come out when they are ready not when a person uses it against them or as a defence. The LGBT community still fight for acceptance and even now lesbians aren't taken seriously. You cannot possibly imagine what we go through, the hurt or anything. Anyone defending Finn for this I've lost respect for you. Yes it's a fictional show but this storyline is close to so many people. Saying Santana deserves it? Stop and think if you'd like it if it happened to you or someone you love. I bet you wouldn't like it no matter what kind of person they are.

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