For anyone interested, here's some background on the Ai Weiwei tax bill situation in China...

The Chinese Government appears to be making life even more awkward for artist Ai Weiwei. He has until tomorrow to lodge collateral that would allow him to challenge his somewhat daunting $2.4m tax bill, which his backers have called a political vendetta.

The Chinese authorities are basically demanding that he pay the 8.4 million yuan bond straight into a government tax bureau account. That, according to his lawyer, is legally questionable.

The government is also reportedly refusing to accept his elderly mother's house as collateral, possibly because they are trying to restrict his ability to appeal the bill.

Ai's supporters have donated an incredible 8.7 million yuan because they too believe the tax bill is revenge for criticism of the ruling Communist Party.

Ai Weiwei claims taxation authorities have not shown him any evidence of tax evasion, but says they have told the manager of the company accused of evading taxes not to meet with him. They are claiming Ai is in charge of the company but his wife is the offical legal representative. In theory, his wife could therefore go to jail if the tax bill issue isn't resolved.

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