Justin James Bridges
- OPDX ASL translator
- nicest fucking person around


http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/18508103 - Justin loaded into ambulance around t+11:00

"In the media van, at around 7 am, Justin came up to a few of us and relayed a story about how he had gone down the line of riot cops at 3rd and Madison, and told each one of them that he loved them. He presented each of them a transition stone, which they could not take from him, but he lay one at each of their feet. He said many would not look at him, and some because they had tears in their eyes. Justin is a remarkable person who facilitates communication, and has been at the occupation from the beginning.


He's one of the people who make this movement so strong." - media team member

"He's at [removed], room [removed]. He told me his story. He caught between the trash can and a crowd of people. His back was already broken. He ended up on the ground. They pulled his arms around his back, accused him of resisting arrest, dragged him around more because he couldn't move his legs. He still doesn't have full feeling back in his right leg. While they were carrying him around and screaming at him because he couldn't get his feet under him and carry his own weight, they carried him by his arms and his ankles, and he passed out because he was choked unconcious because they had ahold of jacket, collar and the bandana. He complained he couldn't breathe and they said you can breathe 'cause you're talking, and then he passed. He came to, gasping for air, looking up at the trees. He asked for help but they refused to listen to his hands. He was not arrested nor booked. They sent him to the hospital on a stretcher. He did nothing but tell the officers that he loved them from the bottom of his heart, but that he was disgusted at them and ashamed of them.

They're going to run more tests on him today and they'll try to let him out. He's still having a lot of problems -- he can't stand up on his own power." - media team member

"just spoke with KGW about what happened to Justin and how the officers were beating people down just several feet in front of me. Pointed out the Justin is one of the gentlest most peaceful people I've ever met. I also pointed out how the police report says "no officers or arrested" were injured. Justin was not arrested, but he was severely injured.

They are investigating." - media team member

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