The #ows is bigger than camps. It was a fantastic way to start a global movement but it is not working anymore. It needs to evolve. Fast.

I bet Wall street ill-doers are gleeful about how the #ows movement has gotten so distracted from its original aims. Often fighting with liberal mayors & cities whose own services are being cut by Wall street caused misdeeds.

Rarely mentioned anymore either by #ows are efforts in the nation's capital that will tear the heart of basic compassion out of this nation.

In response to all this, has our response been perfect? It never is. And neither is yours. But together Portland has done better than most.

The inherent problems of crime, enabling illness w/city campgrounds are real: &

As w/#opdx, we are proactive in dealing w/previous hotspots w/enforcement & treatment.

I have sought to be very clear in my communications #OccupyPortland organizers put in a lot of work. They tried. A lot of supporters never came back after first few days. But I was not going to wait until someone died or was killed.

I look forward to helping the #ows #opdx #occupyportland movement get real results.

RT @PDXfanatic @MayorSamAdams Who's stepping on your neck Sam? Doesn't seem like you would support what your doing. Who's really calling the shots? #PDX

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