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13th Nov 2011 from Twitlonger


Okay, Taylor talks about the very last day being though, growing up together, becoming a family. Finishing was emotional but they'll keep in touch and stay friends.

Kristen: It felt amazing actually to be done with it. The last scene we shot was the wedding one, and it was like the perfect ending. We were all together, at the same time and I know that it's been said that the "sex" theme is the most important thing in the movie but the ceremony was the best way to say goodbye and wrap us out. It was nice.

Robert: It was such a hard shoot. Like 10 months, 6 days a week, 15/16 hours a day, it was crazy. I mean all the movies have been kinda hard to shoot but it was such a happy and nice period as well like for the last scene Kristen and I shot in the Caribbean. That was our very last day. We were kissing in the sea, had a cocktail and waited for the sun to rise. And i was like "wow why didnt we shoot more scenes like this in Twilight?". That was my last farewell. A good memory.

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