Justin was in Paris the 8 and the 9th November, and Selena was with him. There was Beliebers and Selenators, but since today (the 9th November), everyone who was in Paris for them HATE HER, and i'm gonna tell you why...

Justin always tried to take time to sign autographs, say hi, smiling to us, look through the window of his hotel ... but this time, he filmed us and laughed. He didn't come outside the first day, and all the french fans were so upset (i'm serious. Everybody became mad, cried and were filmed by journalists...). Selena followed Justin at NRJ radio station, looking down, without saying hi. At TF1 (a tv channel where Justin went), she didn't even look through the car's window and IGNORED her selenators, she was glued to her phone as a geek. It rained all the day, we became sick, tired, depressed because we didn't go to school for nothing and didn't see Justin. We wasted our time, our energy, we were humiliated (journalists harassed us). The next day (today), they left the hotel as yesterday. We were a nervous wreck, the car almost run over a fan... They absolutely didn't pay attention to us, whereas Justin has been always friendly when he came in Paris and when we went at his hotel. Then they ate in a restaurant, they looked down and ignored us again, selena's fans called her but she didn't respond anything and walked. I wrote a letter to Justin to say how upset french fans were since yesterday, his bodyguard entered and gave it to him. When they finished, they came outside, Justin was smiling but Selena tries to hide herself and looked down. BUT NOW, THE MOST INTERESTING ... Some friends of mine saw them at Louis Vuitton store, one belieber looked into Selena's eyes, cried and beg her by gesture... AND GUESS WHAT? Selena looked at her, turned her head, AND STARTED TO KISS JUSTIN AND DANCE WITH HIM SELENA PROVOCATED EVERYBODY AND WILLINGLY KISSED JUSTIN, THEN DANCED WITH HIM TO PROVOCATE THE FANS ... and she did everything to prevent them from approaching Justin.

She's a 19 year old girl who has 12 in her mind, all french fans were shocked about her behaviour. The journalists filmed all the fans in tears during the two days, angry fans, and already beginning to tarnish justin's reputation ... Then it was Selena who did everything to prevent and deter him from coming to see us. Paris hates her, we have seen with our own eyes her behaviour, the way she looked at us with contempt AND ALL THAT IS ON TWITTER TELL IS TRUE ; She is HATEFUL, DISRESPECTFUL, NIPPER, and PROVOCATIVE.... and THIS IS TRUE ! : SHE REALLY HATES BELIEBERS ... SO FUCK YOU SELENA, YOU CAN'T EVEN SING :)



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