Hillmy · @YSPWNS4E

6th Nov 2011 from Twitlonger

OK, so #Chuckfest3 was BEYOND AWESOME! Met a lot of great #Chucksters and the pre-meet&greet;events were amazing! YVONNE LOOKED AMAZING!!! I swear, even though she looks AMAZING in the pictures, in person times that by more than a trillion (and probably more), the camera can only capture so much! ;)

The cast was so great and friendly and were very happy to be there. We also had the writers there and Chris Fedak.

When Yvonne and Sarah came to our table, I was freaking out so much (on the inside, lol). I was closer to Sarah so I talked to her and she was sweet. I was too shy to talk to Yvonne. I thought of the words in my head, but couldn't bring them out until it was too late and she went to another table.

I was happy but kinda dreading that I didn't say anything to Yvonne. So later after meeting the rest of the cast, I went to a table where Yvonne was at and about to leave. So I brought up the courage to speak to her (OMG my heart was SOOO beating!!!). I told her that I was a big fan and that I loved her on Chuck, Killer Elite, and I Love You too! I felt like I was in heaven!

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