Hey everyone:

Thank you for all your help in spreading the word, writing reviews, and otherwise supporting Man in the Music! We've had a great first week in spite of very little media. Next week we are expecting an AP review so that should be extremely helpful in reaching a broader audience. I will also be running a 1,000 word excerpt from the book in the HuffPost.

The key item for now is what we are calling "Surge Sunday." This is the last chance to make a big push for the first-week bestseller list. My publicist tells me that preorders count toward first-week sales; for that reason, and for the fact that bookstores will be looking at the numbers in deciding how to stock for the holidays, it's a crucial week.

So our goal for "Surge Sunday" is very simple:

We are trying to get Man in the Music into the Top 100 on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The highest it has reached in the US to this point is #211, so we've been pretty close.

Top 100 makes it officially an Amazon and B&N bestseller and gives it a very good shot at the NYTimes (and could compensate for what was lost due to the Amazon glitch on Wednesday). We also want to push for Top 100 on Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, Amazon Germany, and Amazon Japan, all of which have seen big surges in the past few days.

So any help you can give in pushing Man in the Music this Sunday would be much appreciated. Let's prove the media/publishing industry wrong and show that serious, respectful work on MJ can find success.

Justice for MJ Monday and beyond!



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